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IT engineer

1. Be responsible for the daily maintenance, technical evaluation and project implementation of the company's internal network / application, including PC, printer, network switch / router / firewall management, network monitoring system, etc;

2. Daily inspection, monitoring, operation and maintenance analysis of the company's internal information system and facilities.

3. Responsible for the implementation, deployment and construction of application server;

4. Responsible for resource allocation, system security and data backup of application server;

5. Be responsible for the data monitoring of application server, such as traffic, load, etc;

6. Be responsible for the construction of test environment.

R&D Engineer

1. Be responsible for the introduction and verification of new products;
2. Prepare production operation instructions and verification; 
3. Coordinate product R & D, testing, implementation and service; 
4. Guide production management to ensure stable production;


1. Pay attention to and timely collect and sort out market information, including competitors' actions, product promotion activities and market trends;
2. Formulate sales plan according to market dynamics, including sales methods and publicity plans, carry out sales work and complete sales tasks;
3. Responsible for timely recovery of sales payment and collection of sales payment;
4. Maintain customer relationship and participate in negotiation with suppliers;
5.Customer information collection.

Recruitment Specialist

1. Assist the Recruitment Supervisor to improve the recruitment system;

2. According to the enterprise's strategic objectives, the Department's talent demand plan and the development situation, formulate the enterprise's talent recruitment plan;

3. Be responsible for the drafting of recruitment information and the release of recruitment advertisements;

4. To screen and screen the resume of candidates, pre employment test, preliminary test, etc;

5. Be responsible for the establishment and maintenance of the candidate database;

6.Be responsible for the recruitment of relevant personnel; 

7. Seek cooperation with talent market and recruitment agencies, and maintain good cooperative relationship with them.



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